Operations Research Society of the Philippines (ORSP)


In December 1986, at the initiative of the San Miguel Corporation’s OR Department, a testimonial dinner called “A Toast to OR Professionals” was held at SMC’s Andres Soriano Executive Center. The event generated an enthusiastic exchange of ideas and culminated in the formation of a working committee tasked to define the organization that was to be the Operations Research Society of the Philippines. In February 1987, the committee presented the Constitution and By-Laws for approval by the initial batch of some 50 members, and the ORSP formally came into being. Since then, ORSP has been at the forefront of promoting the advancement and practice of OR in the Philippines.


ORSP has been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of promoting the advancement and practice of operations research in all sectors of Philippine society.

ORSP promotes and supports the training of potential and existing OR practitioners and taps local and international resources in support of its professional development programs. ORSP provides a venue for purposeful interactions among its members.



In 2006, ORSP played host for the first time to the Association of Asia Pacific OR Societies (APORS) Seventh Conference. Since 1998, this regional Triennial Conference had been held in Korea, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and India. As Guest of Honor, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo acknowledged the contribution of OR to decision-making in the public sector all over the developing world, even as she challenged the ORSP leadership to participate in nation building in the Philippines.

On its 20th year, ORSP had one of its founders, Elise del Rosario, assume the Presidency of the International Federation of OR Societies (IFORS) as the first woman and second Asian to assume the leadership of this 48-year old body composed of 62 national and kindred society members.


ORSP publishes an annual newsletter which can be found here: