New Challenges in Transportation and Supply Chain Management

M. Grazia Speranza

Department of Economics and Management – University of Brescia, Italy


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) enable individuals to access, store, manipulate and transmit data. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes also objects and places capable of receiving, storing and transmitting data. A systemic approach to problems and advanced analytical methods are more vital than ever. We know

that, through analytics and optimization, companies can increase their profit or offer better services to their customers. There is, however, a new challenging research direction to be taken into account. In fact, the concept of ‘sustainability’, that was coined in the late eighties and has increasingly attracted the attention of citizens and institutions, has now become central to companies. The pandemic that has hit the entire globe is a dramatic event that confirms that the objectives of the decision-making processes have to change. In this talk some research directions and results in the field of transportation and supply chain management will be discussed.