Operational Research Society of India (ORSI)


The Operational Research Society of India (ORSI) was founded in 1957ORSI was accepted as an IFORS member in 1959. The Society office is located in Kolkata from where the activities of the eleven chapters at different parts of India are coordinated.


ORSI seeks to conduct research in, study of, promotion and propagation of knowledge in OR and allied techniques through: exchange of information; establishment and maintenance of professional and academic standards of work known as Operational Research; improvement of methods and techniques of Operational Research; publishing professional journals; and conducting professional examinations



The chapters of the Society regularly organize conferences, seminars and workshops in addition to the annual national convention traditionally held in December. ORSI hosted the First International Conference on OR for Development (ICORD) in Ahmedabad in 1992, and the Fifth one held at Jamshedpur in 2009. The Association of Asia Pacific Operations Research Societies (APORS) held its regional meeting in India in 2003 and 2009 at Delhi and Jaipur, respectively. ORSI has also organized an international conference on Transportation in collabo-ration with IFORS.


The Society publishes a quarterly journal OPSEARCH, which brings out high quality and state of the art papers in Operational Research. The journal enjoys a wide spectrum of readership both in the India and aboard covering academics, professionals as well as industrial/service sector organisations.

In the future, the Society is looking to explore new vistas to bring about meaningful advancement. ORSI sees OR as playing a vital role in improving the standards of livelihood in the developing country that is India. ORSI has wide scope to offer and carry out advisory and consultancy services to help industry, government, educational and institutions optimize their utilization of resources.